‘Britain’s own Muslim polymath’

The Independent

‘A remarkable author’


‘A formidable critic’

Muslim World Book Review

‘One of the finest intellectuals on the planet’.

The Herald

‘A major prophet of our time: his insight and wit always offer new perspective on ordinary things’.


‘In Islamic context, but perhaps in any context, his achievement is startling in its range, boldness, scepticism and, above all, sheer quantity’.

New Statesman

‘A leading Muslim scholar and writer, Sardar’s body of work is testament to a lifetime’s restless need for intellectual inquiry and critique…Armed with a sharp wit… and an intuitive grasp of when to move in for the intellectual kill, the sceptical Sardar takes on all-comers, no matter which side of the fence they stand. He thrives in the lion’s den’

Sydney Morning Herald

‘We must search for the answers to the questions he asks if we are to challenge and change the status quo’.

–  Socialist Future

‘It would be difficult to think of anyone else who combines the virtues of scholarship, journalism and activism in such equal measure’.

British Journal for the History of Science

‘There is a two-word answer to the charge that Muslims who remain serious about faith have failed to engage with the science, culture and politics of the contemporary world. The words are “Ziauddin Sardar”’.

The Independent