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Islam Beyond the Violent Jihadis

An Optimistic Muslim Speaks (Provocations)  

By Ziauddin Sardar 

Biteback Publishing

Islam Beyond thProvocations jackets.indde Violent Jihadis argues for a pluralistic and reflective religion with a distinguished past – but one that appears to have been wrenched from its noble origins by rigid fundamentalism. In examining how we have nourished the rise of Islamic jihadi groups, Sardar urges us all to work together.
Provocations is a groundbreaking new series of short polemics composed by some of the most intriguing voices in contemporary culture.

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Mecca, The Sacred City

 Bloomsbury, London, 2014

MekaMecca is the heart of Islam. It is the birthplace of Muhammad, the direction towards which Muslims turn when they pray and the site of pilgrimage which annually draws some three million Muslims from all corners of the world. Yet Mecca’s importance goes beyond religion. What happens in Mecca and how Muslims think about the political and cultural history of Mecca has had and continues to have a profound influence on world events to this day.

In this captivating book, Ziauddin Sardar unravels the significance of Mecca. Tracing its history, from its origins as a ‘barren valley’ … Read More

Future: All That Matters

Hodder, London, October 2013

FutureIn Future: All That Matters, Ziauddin Sardar shows that thinking and speculating about the future has always been a part of human history, but exploring the futures in a systematic and scientific way is a recent phenomenon. What is known variously as ‘futures studies’, ‘futurology’ or ‘foresight’ only emerged as a discipline during the last few decades. The study of the future, however, is not only about ‘predicting’ or ‘forecasting’ the future, which is always a perilous exercise. It is also about appreciating the potentials and possibilities, as well as risks and threats, lurking over … Read More

Muhammad: All That Matters

Hodder, London, 2012

‘Muhammad The Prophet’ has had a huge influence on the course of world history. Indeed, Muhammad is always seen, described and analysed as Prophet of Islam. Until now, he has never been looked at as a man – as an individual motivated by a sense of justice and equality and a passion to help the marginalised, engaged in a struggle to establish the good society against all odds.

Ziauddin Sardar’s important new book incorporates new research, particularly on pre-Islamic Mexxa, to form a new critical biography which uniquely includes analysis of early events in Muhammad’s life which … Read More

Muslims in Britain: Making Social and Political Space

Ziauddin Sardar, co-editor with Waqar Ahmad, Routledge, London, 2012

The management of social, religious and ethnic diversity is a key social policy concern in Britain, and Muslims in particular have become a focus of attention in recent years. This timely and topical volume examines the position of Muslims in Britain and how they are changing and making social, political and religious space.

With contributions from world renowned scholars on British Muslims and from policy makers writing on issues of concern to Muslims and others alike, the book explores how British Muslims are changing social and religious spaces such as mosques … Read More

Hajj, Journey to the Heart of Islam

‘Hajj after 1950’ in Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam, edited by Venetia Porter, The British Museum Press, London, 2011

Hajj‘Proclaim the pilgrimage to all people. They will come on foot and on the backs of swift camels from distant corners of the earth.’ – Qur’an, surat al-Hajj vs 27-30.

It is a sacred duty for Muslims, wherever they may reside, to go at least once in their lives to Mecca, the heartland of Islam where the Prophet Muhammad received the revelation in the early 7th century.

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Reading The Qur’an

Ziauddin Sardar’s new book which offers a fresh interpretation of the Qur’an with emphasis on context as well as on plurality and inclusiveness. Sardar uses several different methods, from traditional exegesis to hermeneutics, critical theory and cultural analysis to draw contemporary lessons from the Sacred Text on a wide range of topics, from power and politics, the rights of women, suicide, domestic violence, sex, homosexuality, the veil, to freedom of expression, science and evolution.  Published in May by Hurst and Co, London, and Oxford University Press, New York.

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