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Ziyaüddin Serdar: Aslında tüm Sünniler Şii, tüm Şiiler de Sünni

21 Mart 2016 Pazartesi, 02:39:20 Güncelleme: 02:49:23

İngiltere’nin en önemli 100 entelektüeli arasında gösterilen Prof. Ziyaüddin Serdar, DAEŞ, İslam dünyası ve siyasal İslam’la ilgili Afşin Yurdakul’a konuştu…



Fotoğraflar: Sinan BİLGENOĞLU

Brüksel’den İstanbul’a, Berlin’den Londra’ya kadar dünya gündeminin ilk sırasında DAEŞ tehdidi var. Örgüt, akıllı telefon ve tablet neslinin, kimlik bunalımı ve anlam krizinden mustarip mensuplarını kendine çekiyor. Bu kaos içinde, pek çok Müslüman entelektüel, İslam’ın geleceğine dair kafa yoruyor. Onlardan biri de İngiltere’deki Londra Şehir Üniversitesi’nden Prof. Ziyaüddin Serdar. Geçtiğimiz günlerde Sakarya’da Serdivan Fikir ve Sanat Akademisi tarafından düzenlenen ve moderatörlüğünü Süheyb Öğüt’ün yaptığı “İslam, … Read More

Ziyaüddin Serdar – İslam, Terörizm ve Müslümanların Durumu, Fikir ve Sanat Akademisi

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Read Ziauddin Sardar’s interview in the Daily Telegraph

‘Mecca has been turned into Disneyland’ More

The Reformist

Ziauddin Sardar, 57, is one of the leading contemporary Muslim intellectuals. He specialises in topics dealing with the future of Islam, as well as Islamic science and technology, and has published more than 40 books on related topics. What sets him apart from the rest is his command over the language, which he uses to such a good effect that he could be read as a fiction writer on the merit of his diction alone. For example, in his most widely-read book, entitled Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journeys of a Sceptical Muslim, he calls Islamabad “an architectural eyesore”.

Sardar has an … Read More

Muslim Must Work for Justice

Soeryo Winoto, Kurniawan Hari, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta
15th October 2006

One of the world’s foremost Muslim intellectuals, Zianuddin Sardar, recently came to Indonesia to participate in the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, which he said was an important event to promote civil society.

Despite his tight schedule, he made time to sit down with The Jakarta Post for an interview, sharing his thoughts on various issues, including his latest book, Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journeys of a Skeptical Muslim. “Paradise is here and now. It’s a real human place. A place where at the end of the day justice, law … Read More

Islam is Like an Ocean

A week in Indonesia gives a good glimpse to British scholar Ziauddin Sardar about the future of Islam. In his eyes, Indonesia is the shape of Islam in the future. He considers that the diverse variety found in Indonesia might just be the uniting bound. In a relaxing atmosphere for an interview inside the British Council, Jakarta, Sardar accepted Iman F Yuniarto, Amin Madani, Johar Arief, and Ifan Junaidi from Republika daily to share his views on the future and agenda of Islam.

Q. Can you describe the future of Islam?

A.Yes. Most people think that Islam is like a … Read More

Paradise Lost, a Future Found

Ziauddin Sardar and Ehsan Masood, 16 – 05 – 2006
Ziauddin Sardar is one of the most prolific and influential Muslim writers in Britain. He tells Ehsan Masood, who has edited a new collection of his writings, about his vision of pluralist Islam, the Qur’an as guide not manual, and the future of European Muslims.
16 – 05 – 2006

Ehsan Masood: You believe Islam cannot be reduced to a single ideology, a set of rules and regulations that define everything from personal conduct to state power. At what point in your career did you discover that this is not

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Muslim Societies Must Discover a Contemporary Meaning of Islam

Ziauddin Sardar, an internationally renowned Muslim scholar and the author of Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journeys of a Sceptical Muslim, represents one of the most authoritative moderate voices in Islam. Here, in a major intervention on the controversy over the cartoons of Prophet Muhammed published in the European media, he explores both sides of the debate and calls for “reformulating” Islam in contemporary terms.

Q. Even those who understand Muslim sensitivities feel the Muslim reaction to the cartoons of Prophet Muhammed has been excessive and is likely to reinforce the perception of the community as intolerant and too prickly.

A. The … Read More

On Social Change and Islamic Reform

Q. You are obsessed with change. This is in fact, your critics argue, one of the main problems with your thought.

A. Wouldnt you be, if you see so much injustice, poverty and degradation all around you?

Q. But see social change as essential. A natural part of life.

A. I see change is normal; indeed, a natural part of life. And social change follows the patterns of overall change. It is normal and an integral part of life. However, the term social change is itself part of the western jargon of sociology and as such it reflects the values … Read More

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