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Ibn-e-Safi, BA

Ziauddin Sardar

Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan? 133-142 October 2012

When I visited Bahwalnagar in May 1975, I found little had changed. A new generation of goll guppa­­-wallas, ­chaat-walla­s and paan-wallas had taken over the stalls in Railway Bazaar. It was still the direct route from the Railway Station to our house in the centre of the town, where we lived and I grew up. I had left the city at the age of nine, when my parents migrated to London. And I expected no one would know me. Indeed, they did not know me. But they recognised me: I was … Read More

Displaced Homes

A lush, green beautiful valley. In Chingiz Samedzadeh and Yulya Rusyayeva’s photograph, which features in British Council’s Close to Home http://www.britishcouncil.org/bulgaria-living-together-close-to-home.htm

exhibition, the natural beauty of the scenery is spoiled by a road that runs right through the valley. But there is more in the photograph than meets the eye. The road is also a border; it divides two warring states, Azerbaijan and Armenia. One on side of the road, there is ‘home’. On the other side, ‘displacement’.

But what is ‘home’? Is it something more than just an address, just the building where we reside, just the valley that … Read More

On Serpents, Inevitability and the South Asian Imagination

P ` The devastatingly beautiful Esme is innocent. But in Yashar Kemal’s brilliant novel, ` To Crush The Serpent` , she is accused of collaborating with her former suitor in the murder of her husband, Halil (1). Everyone known that Esme is guilty; and the villagers, led by Halil’s family, are ebullient about revenge. Esme must be killed. Again and again, Halil’s old and embittered mother urges his brothers to save the family’s honour. But no one could aim a weapon at such a beautiful woman; such a marvel of God’s handiwork. So Halil’s soul refuses to rest; it comes

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