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Future: All That Matters

Hodder, London, October 2013

FutureIn Future: All That Matters, Ziauddin Sardar shows that thinking and speculating about the future has always been a part of human history, but exploring the futures in a systematic and scientific way is a recent phenomenon. What is known variously as ‘futures studies’, ‘futurology’ or ‘foresight’ only emerged as a discipline during the last few decades. The study of the future, however, is not only about ‘predicting’ or ‘forecasting’ the future, which is always a perilous exercise. It is also about appreciating the potentials and possibilities, as well as risks and threats, lurking over … Read More

Welcome to postnormal times

Futures, 42, 5, June 2010

Ziauddin Sardar


All that was ‘normal’ has now evaporated; we have entered postnormal times, the in between period where old orthodoxies are dying, new ones have not yet emerged, and nothing really makes sense. To have any notion of a viable future, we must grasp the significance of this period of transition which is characterized by three c’s: complexity, chaos and contradictions. These forces propel and sustain postnormal times leading to uncertainty and different types of ignorance that make decision-making problematic and increase risks to individuals, society and the planet. Postnormal times demands, this … Read More

Between Two Masters: Qur’an or Science?

The headline in the Bulletin of the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa announces a staggering discovery. Canadian scholar confirms Quran and Ahadith on Human Embryology (1). The story tells us that a certain Dr Keith Moore, Chairman of the anatomy department of the University of Torontos School of Medicine, has discovered the happy marriage between the Islamic revelation and contemporary human developmental anatomy. I am amazed at the scientific accuracy of these statements which were made in the seventh centuryIt is quite reasonable for Muslims to believe that these verses are revelations from God, Moore is reported to have

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Rithinking Islam

Serious rethinking within Islam is long overdue. Muslims have been comfortably relying, or rather falling back, on age-old interpretations for much too long. This is why we feel so painful in the contemporary world, so uncomfortable with modernity. Scholars and thinkers have been suggesting for well over a century that we need to make a serious attempt at ijtihad, at reasoned struggle and rethinking, to reform Islam. At the beginning of the last century, Jamaluddin Afghani and Mohammad Abduh led the call for a new ijtihad; and along the way many notable intellectuals, academics and sages have added to this

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Muslim Must Work for Justice

Soeryo Winoto, Kurniawan Hari, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta
15th October 2006

One of the world’s foremost Muslim intellectuals, Zianuddin Sardar, recently came to Indonesia to participate in the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, which he said was an important event to promote civil society.

Despite his tight schedule, he made time to sit down with The Jakarta Post for an interview, sharing his thoughts on various issues, including his latest book, Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journeys of a Skeptical Muslim. “Paradise is here and now. It’s a real human place. A place where at the end of the day justice, law … Read More

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