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Ibn-e-Safi, BA

Ziauddin Sardar

Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan? 133-142 October 2012

When I visited Bahwalnagar in May 1975, I found little had changed. A new generation of goll guppa­­-wallas, ­chaat-walla­s and paan-wallas had taken over the stalls in Railway Bazaar. It was still the direct route from the Railway Station to our house in the centre of the town, where we lived and I grew up. I had left the city at the age of nine, when my parents migrated to London. And I expected no one would know me. Indeed, they did not know me. But they recognised me: I was … Read More

The Spirit of Water

From Watermarked: Voices of Pakistan, The Artistan Committee, London, 2011

Ziauddin Sardar

A few years ago I found myself in a desert just outside Karachi. The Thar desert is not as inhospitable as other deserts I have been fortunate enough to encounter in places such as Saudi Arabia and Morocco. Perhaps that’s why it is called the ‘Friendly Desert’. You can detect the air becoming more arid as you drive towards Umerkot, the main town in this area of Sind, and it get hot but it is not unbearable. Every now and then, you can spot a patch of … Read More

CM4: Pakistan?

Oktober, 2012

Critical Muslim is a quarterly magazine of ideas and issues showcasing ground breaking thinking on Islam and what it means to be a Muslim in a rapidly changing, interconnected world.

CM4 Pakistan?Ziauddin Sardar questions the question mark that is always placed in front of Pakistan, Robin Yassin-Kassab asks why Pakistan has not imploded, Taimur Khan breaks bread with the gangsters and bookies of Karachi, Muhammad Idrees Ahmad revisits Peshawar, Mahvish Ahmad tracks down the separatist in Quetta, Ehsan Masood watches Pakistani television,  Merryl Wyn Davies deconstructs ‘imaginariums’ of Pakistan, Aamer Hussein discusses Pakistani modern classic fiction, Bina Shah asks … Read More

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