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‘Britain’s own Muslim polymath’

The Independent

‘A remarkable author’


‘A formidable critic’

Muslim World Book Review

‘One of the finest intellectuals on the planet’.

The Herald

‘A major prophet of our time: his insight and wit always offer new perspective on ordinary things’.


‘In Islamic context, but perhaps in any context, his achievement is startling in its range, boldness, scepticism and, above all, sheer quantity’.

New Statesman

‘A leading Muslim scholar and writer, Sardar’s body of work is testament to a lifetime’s restless need for intellectual inquiry and critique…Armed with a sharp … Read More

Between Two Masters: Qur’an or Science?

The headline in the Bulletin of the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa announces a staggering discovery. Canadian scholar confirms Quran and Ahadith on Human Embryology (1). The story tells us that a certain Dr Keith Moore, Chairman of the anatomy department of the University of Torontos School of Medicine, has discovered the happy marriage between the Islamic revelation and contemporary human developmental anatomy. I am amazed at the scientific accuracy of these statements which were made in the seventh centuryIt is quite reasonable for Muslims to believe that these verses are revelations from God, Moore is reported to have

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