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Terrorists R US

They are everywhere. Terrorists. A few are easily recognisable. They blow up buildings, kidnap innocent people, and turn their bodies into bombs. But most terrorists go about their mundane, apparently peaceful, lives. But these ordinary terrorists are just as irrational, cruel, and obstinate as the all too visible types.

Who are the vast majority of terrorists? Well, it is you and me, ordinary people consuming much too much, leading a totally unsustainable lifestyle, committing cultural genocide on the vast majority of humanity, plundering the economies of non-western countries in the name of free trade, and imposing our lifestyle and morality … Read More

Muslim Must Work for Justice

Soeryo Winoto, Kurniawan Hari, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta
15th October 2006

One of the world’s foremost Muslim intellectuals, Zianuddin Sardar, recently came to Indonesia to participate in the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, which he said was an important event to promote civil society.

Despite his tight schedule, he made time to sit down with The Jakarta Post for an interview, sharing his thoughts on various issues, including his latest book, Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journeys of a Skeptical Muslim. “Paradise is here and now. It’s a real human place. A place where at the end of the day justice, law … Read More

Islam is Like an Ocean

A week in Indonesia gives a good glimpse to British scholar Ziauddin Sardar about the future of Islam. In his eyes, Indonesia is the shape of Islam in the future. He considers that the diverse variety found in Indonesia might just be the uniting bound. In a relaxing atmosphere for an interview inside the British Council, Jakarta, Sardar accepted Iman F Yuniarto, Amin Madani, Johar Arief, and Ifan Junaidi from Republika daily to share his views on the future and agenda of Islam.

Q. Can you describe the future of Islam?

A.Yes. Most people think that Islam is like a … Read More

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