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Introducing Learning and Memory

Introducing Learning and Memory
Paperback120 pages
PublisherIcon Books
Publication Year2002

Never in the history of humanity has it been so crucial for all of us to acquire new knowledge. But how do we actually learn? How do we remember? Is there a method by which our own faculties of learning and memory can be maximized to retain a vast scale of knowledge?

Introducing Learning and Memory traces this fascinating intellectual adventure from the “art of memory” in Greek and Roman antiquity to the elaborate “memory theatres” of the Renaissance occult philosophers that coincide with the origins of experimental science. Modern insights into the functions of mind are explored through sociology, psychology and neurological investigations of the brain.

This book is also an introduction to the Introducing series which is itself an encyclopaedic “memory bank” of text and visuals serving as invaluable aids to learning and memory.

Here is an indispensable book for anyone learning to survive the “information explosion” of postmodern times. Ziauddin Sardar with the series editor Richard Appignanesi have assembled a memorable text skilfully illustrated by Ralph Edney.