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CM42: Liberty

Image shows a red background with a black chain being snapped in the middle

Shanon Shah wrestles with the contradictions of liberty, Mustafa Akyol dissects mores that prevent the liberation of Muslim minds, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas examines the etymology of freedom and liberty, Vinay Lal provides a short history of liberty from the Greeks to Gandhi, Naomi Foyle supports the Ukrainian resistance despite Western hypocrisy, Giles Goddard re-reads E M Forster, Ole Jorgen Anfindsen abandons his anti-Islam ideology, Petro Sukhorolskyi traces the genesis of postnormal Ukraine, Katharina Schmoll moves forwards and backwards in an effort to live with freedom, the rather young Jack Wager discovers the Rushdie affair, Sulaiman Haqpana traces his journey from war torn Afghanistan to the corners of Brunel University, C Scott Jordan tackles the unthought of liberty, Maha Sardar is horrified by Chinese attempts at ethnic cleansing of the Uyghur, and Shamim Miah scrutinises liberal tyranny.

Also in this issue: Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton visits the long-anticipated 59th Venice Biennale, Nur Sobers-Khan visits Sufi shrines of Pakistan, Samia Rahman is disappointed with white feminists, a short story by Robin Yassin-Kassab, poems by the Ukrainian poets Ihor Pavlyuk and Olexander Korotko, and our list of ten liberal contradictions.