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Future: All That Matters

Future: All That Matters
Paperback158 pages
PublisherHodder & Stoughton
Publication Year2013

In Future: All That Matters, Ziauddin Sardar shows that thinking and speculating about the future has always been a part of human history, but exploring the futures in a systematic and scientific way is a recent phenomenon. What is known variously as ‘futures studies’, ‘futurology’ or ‘foresight’ has only emerged as a discipline during the last few decades.

The study of the future , is not only about ‘predicting’ or ‘forecasting’ the future, it is also about appreciating the potentials and possibilities, as well as the risks and threats lurking over the horizon. This book explores the exciting field of futures studies, and shows how knowledge of the future is acquired and put into practice.

This accessible and informative book will appeal both to students and general readers, giving a fascinating introduction to thinking about the future – and what matters most about it.