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The Future of Muslim Civilization

The Future of Muslim Civilization
Paperback308 pages
PublisherMansell Publishing Limited
Publication Year1979

Much of the contemporary Muslim world is undergoing considerable cultural strain. This stems from the impact of western technological culture on traditional Muslim values. For over a decade now, there has been an air of resurgence throughout the Muslim world. Indeed, recent events in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have crystallised this feeling of Islamic revival. This book examines the background to the contemporary revival of Islam and offers an outline plan for reconstructing a dynamic, thriving Muslim Civilisation.

To work for this reconstruction is an obligation for every Muslim, according to Sardar. However, this obligation is not haphazard or random, but is viewed as being based on a deep historical analysis and detailed operational plans for the future. This book, by an already acclaimed Muslim writer, takes, a ‘systems’ look at the past and the present of Muslim people within a cultural context, and by clearly illustrating the available options, it develops a methodology for the re-orientation to the path of Islam.