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Explorations in Islamic Science

Explorations in Islamic Science
Hardcover197 pages
PublisherMansell Publishing Limited
Publication Year1989

Why Islamic science? What is it? When did it exist? Does it exist now? Is it necessary? Why? For whom?

The author of Explorations in Islamic Science takes a critical look at one of the most controversial debates in Muslim societies – the nature and characteristics of a contemporary Islamic science. He examines the wide-ranging trends of modern thought on Islamic science, from the general debate on science and religion to the discussion of the ‘scientific’ verses in the Quran, the mystical interpretations of science and the elaboration of science and Islamic values. He separates science from mysticism and the occult, on the one hand, and from the naivety that sees science as the panacea for all the ills of society, on the other.

This first book on contemporary aspects of Islamic science, with its comprehensive insight into the subject, will be particularly valuable for all those working in the areas of the sociology of knowledge and the philosophy of science, for science journalists and critics of science, as well as for Muslim scientists, philosophers, scholars and intellectuals.