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CM38: Humour

Hassan Mahamdallie remembers the comedy and comedians of his youth, Hussein Abdulsater explores the Islamic approach to humour, Bruce B Lawrence is enthralled by Sufi satire, Gilbert Ramsay and Moutaz Alkheder dissect Jihadi jokes, Boyd Tonkin relishes the wordplay in Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq's Leg Over Leg, Robert Irwin enjoys old Arab gags, Eric Walberg explores Muslim comedy in America, Leyla Jagiella dissects the old theory of biological and psychological humours, C Scott Jordan is astonished that comedy and news have merged into a single entity, Hussein Kesvani half regrets his viral tweet, Shazia Mirza has a good laugh, Mevlut Ceylan retells Nasreddin Hodja tales, Shanon Shah is impressed by Arab political humour, Samia Rahman takes a sip from the famous drink of Abu Nuwas, Ziauddin Sardar defends the integrity of put-upon pigeons, and Rachel Dwyer hands our Bollywood Comedy Awards.

Also in this issue: Deena Mohamed's superhero Qahera, Giles Goddard on Christian-Muslim relations, Hodan Yusuf wacthes the first feature film from Djibouti, and a short story by Medina Tenour Whiteman.