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CM43: Ignorance

Image has an orange background and white sign posts, down the centre. On the sign posts, it reads 'Racism and 'Unknown Unknowns'

Ziauddin Sardar claims that in the final analysis we are all ignorant things, Bruce B Lawrence tackles Franz Rosenthal's monumental study Knowledge Triumphant, Linsey McGoey asserts the importance of ignorance studies, Shanon Shah examines ignorant dimensions of climate chaos, William Franke explores Muslim traditions of learned ignorance, Alireza Doostdar suggests Jinn are a metaphor for unknowability, Gordon Blaine Steffey asks who is afraid of critical race theory, Colin Tudge argues that we can never know anything for certain, James Brooks urges we cannot rely on contemporary knowledge to bring about positive change, C Scott Jordan denies the right to ignorance, Robin Yassin-Kassab discovers the key to all conspiracies, and Alev Adil relates her personal history of forgetting and ignorance.

Also in this issue: Hussein Kesvani quits from tweetering, Samia Rahman has reforming conversations, Giles Goddard thinks there is something special about Virgin Mary, Said Mohammed Ismail scrutinises the sham spirituality of Sadhguru, a short story by Tam Hussein, poems by Steve Noyes and Miran Gulzar, and our list of top ten political fibs.