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CM39: World Order


Image with blue background and black icons, that depict different countries. Also shows the hammer and sickle and the united nations logo. Has the word 'world' written across the bottom and edited by Ziauddin Sardar in the top left.

C Scott Jordan dissects the notion of 'world order', Abdelwahab El-Affendi suggests we are moving towards radical evil, Anwar Ibrahim reconsiders the ummah, Yuri Prasad argues that racism and imperialism are intrinsic to the world order, Samia Rahman engages in culture wars, Colin Tudge plans a greener and humane economic system, Christopher B Jones reads manifestos anticipating the end of the world system, Jerry Ravetz reflects on how we have moved from postnormal science to postnormal times, Ahmad Adedimeji Amobi is optimistic about emerging young Nigeria, Jasmin Mujanovic fears the re-emergence of fascism in Serbia, James Brooks rebukes President Emmanuel Macron, Naomi Foyle would like the world order to resemble a tree, Andrew Brown is fed up with Twitter and mob cruelty, Kanchana Mahadevan dissects the order of Covid-19, Shanon Shah scrutinises soft power, Peter Mandaville rethinks world order thinking after Black Lives Matter, Jordi Serra lists ten things that will increase the disorder in an already disordered world.

Also in this issue: Iftikhar H Malik on Islamic empires, Iason Athaniasadis on how Ottoman Architecture shaped Europe, five poems and a short story by Salah Badis, poems by Halimah Adisa, and Sari Omer's photographs of discplaced lives in Darfur