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CM41: Bodies

Image of a human figure with arms outstretched. Within the figure, there is depicted clogs and mechanical images. The bottom of the image says 'Bodies' and at the top, it says 'edited by Ziauddin Sardar'

C Scott Jordan confronts body horror, Robin Yassin-Kassab takes a close look at his own body, Samia Rahman argues that honour and shame should not be written on the female body, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas dissects the brain, Shanon Shah is appalled by the colonial perception of native bodies, Naomi Foyle comes to terms with her autism, Wendy Schultz forecasts body enhancements lurking in the near future, Chandrika Parmar examines the damaged bodies of domestic violence in India, James Brooks watches the body-challenging films of Harmony Korine, Themrise Khan is pestered during her Umra, Aamer Hussein fights 'the hunter inside', Nikhat Hoque meets the transgender community of South Asia, Shamim Miah is chased by Zoombies, and our list of ten future vestigial body parts.

Also in this issue: Anwar Ibrahim remembers his friend AbdulHamid AbuSulayman, Adama Juldeh Munu on Black bodies, Mevlet Ceylan recalls Yusuf Emre, Giles Goddard attempts to bring Abrahamic faiths together, Elhum Shakerifar is impressed by a new publishing venture 'run by and for people of colour', Nadeem Baghdadi's paintings and poems of discarded objects, and poems by Muhammed Bello and Halimah Adisa.