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Hajj Studies Volume 1 (with M.A. Zaki Badawi)

Hajj Studies Volume 1 (with M.A. Zaki Badawi)
Hardcover168 pages
PublisherHajj Research Centre
Publication Year1979

Hajj is an obligation of every Muslim once in a life-time. It is a practical application of all the pillars of Islam and of its major ethical principles and above all it is a manifestation of the belief in the unity of Allah. The pilgrims derive material benefit through trade and social interaction and spiritual benefit from the improvement of their religious and worldly knowledge.

Looking at the various activities of the Hajj, it is obvious how important it is to prepare the pilgrims spiritually and physically for the testing task. This supreme act of worship must be performed in the best manner possible. The Hajj Research Centre is directed towards investigating conditions which might help the pilgrims derive the fullest spiritual and material benefit for themselves and the whole Ummah. This volume is an example of its commendable efforts.

All the studies in this book show a unanimous concern for present developmental trends in the holy city of Mecca; from the opening chapter, which provides a spiritual and physical overview of Hajj, to the reports on Hajj simulation models, the Hajj transport system and the socio-economic dynamics of Mecca.

This book will be of particular interest to Muslims everywhere and of general interest to architects, planners, transport engineers and all those who are concerned with new development in historic Islamic cities.